My favorite collectibles are cars and cameras.
The photographica items I enjoy most are "baby"
, the smaller versions of those which are
available in different formats or film sizes.

The camera on the left,
a limited-production 1960's variation
of the 6x6 TLR, this "black baby" takes
4cm x 4cm photos on 127 film. The micro
camera, which is dwarfed by a standard
35mm cassette, was a gift in boxes of a
Japanese candy and is not functional.
The mini camera on the right is digital,
although it is also available to take film
used in the famous Minox subminiature.


Pentax 110

Another favorite is this
tiny 110-sized version of the
popular 35mm SLR. Like its big-brother,
this one has interchangable lenses
and a tele-converter.

These 3 Nikons include a micro
sized version (like the Rollei above,
it came from the Glico candy company),
a mini Nikon F that takes Minox film
to make negatives 8mm x 11mm, and my
full-sized Nikon F2 which I bought in 1974.

Micro, Mini, and Full-sized Nikon F

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