I love "medium format" (6cm x 7cm), but I shoot 35mm film and digital, too.

     Mamiya RB67 This big Mamiya
RB67 with a penta-prism finder
and 250mm lens is what I lugged
around the race tracks for 15 years,
taking photos of sports cars.

Nikon 6mm super-wide-angle lense Leave it to Nikon
to invent such a wide-angle lens that
it can actually see behind the camera!


Mamiya RB67 accessories

Some of the medium-format equipment I've collected
over the years, mostly for sports car racing photography.
The bigger-than-35mm-negatives made it easier to blow-up
prints to 30" x 40" with excellent detail and fine grain.

Nikons and accessories

My Nikon F2 from 1974 is pretty well retired, but
is still a much sought after film camera, since it
will operate without any batteries, an especially
useful feature when shooting in conditions that are
not suitable for small power sources. Today I use
both film and digital Nikons that are fully automatic
for focusing, exposure, and rapid shooting.

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