My Kitties...         

Quark and Domino

Quark (brown tabby) is friendly, but not overly sociable. He tends to sleep downstairs a lot, but is always happy to visit me wherever I am in the condo. He frequently will wait on my bed in the evening, and when I spend the night in my bedroom, he and Domino always keep me company, either both at the same time or alternating so I'm rarely alone while I sleep. While he hasn't found a use for all the cat toys available, he LOVES to play with all of the "mice" that have been collected over the years. His current favorite is a fat mouse that he picks up in his mouth from the top of the high dresser in the bedroom, then takes down to the living room, where he proceeds to loudly talk about it, usually with it still in his mouth! Most times, he will drop it on the floor then pick it up and bring it to me in the den. His favorite passtime is to get his tummy rubbed.

Domino (long-hair tuxedo) is always well-behaved, but sometimes timid. She loves to be brushed, and needs a lot with her long hair. She doesn't play with toys as much as Quark, but likes ping-pong balls and will bat one about by herself. I try to pick her up once in a while, just to cuddle and to make sure she knows that being picked up doesn't always lead to being put into the cat carrier for a trip to vet. She enjoys being scratched behind ears and playing "bed mice," but you have to watch for her claws coming through the bedspread. Sometimes she mistakes fingers for bed mice and uses her claws, but I encourage her to not bite/scratch while being petted. Sometimes she'll just flop down on her side, put her paws up and go into her "cute" mode.

When they're not racing through the condo
from end to end in an attempt to create
a sonic boom, they enjoy each other's company.

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